Currently I'm a Software Test Engineer

Our test team is testing these tape libraries

Therefore I write, review and execute manual and automated tests case. These tests cover interfaces like web, REST, SCSI and some proprietary once. For the tests we need an environment which I do manage too.

For automation we use mainly Robot Framework, since the software we test runs on specialized hardware I had to extend robot framework with libraries for our libraries ;-) So I had to start wirte them myself and soon was joined by other team members. Now we have about 40 libraries with a lot of keywords, maybe 500-1000. And of cause we have to adapt and expand them continuously since there is always a new feature and changes in the next release.

Having these libraries made it possible to easily write some tools to make tedious tasks faster, more reliable and last but not least simpler for the testers. E.g. sending status mails around or collecting logs of long term reliability and live tests or just automate the constantly reoccurring task with 9 steps which has to be done for every second test case.

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