Rasperry pi Bluetooth pair and auto connect by command line

bluetoothctl -a You should get a different command prompt like:

[bluetooth] With your BT speaker on, type this:

scan on look for [New]........ something that looks familiar (Wireless Gamepad) pair trust quit


Get DD-WRT to send the correct default gateway

A wise entity Eko in DD-WRT Forum wrote this:

On setup page: uncheck "Use DNS masq for DNS" On "Administration" -> "Services": DNSMasq: add Code: dhcp-option=3,x.x.x.x to "Additional DNS Options" (x.x.x.x is your gateway)

and.... this works yeah ;-)

Git pull new commits and save my work

Note to myself...

So I have changes, but want the newest stuff in the upstream master (I guess that's the name)

First add(stage) all your changes:

git add .

Them put them on "hold"...

git stash

Now get the new stuff

git pull

And bring your changes back

git apply

Git stashing Docu

Update Forked GitHub Repository

Note to myself...

My changes should be Committed to my current master or AwesomeNewFeature branch

Add origin repo...

git remote add upstream http:// original repo.git

Get current version

git fetch upstream

Get my stuff back into working directory

git checkout master / AwesomeNewFeature

With some luck I can merge the upstream master with my branch

git merge upstream/master

Upload to Github

git push